Career-Life Transitions Program

The Career-Life Transitions Program provides training and guidance for students with diverse abilities, while they develop valuable career and life skills that will contribute directly to their transition pathway from Secondary School education to the Adult working world in their communities.

Goals & Learning Outcomes

  • Development of skills related to personal living and employability
  • Career awareness and exploration
  • Self-exploration and assessment
  • Job readiness / understanding the workplace
  • Supported Work Experience
  • Assist students with transitioning from secondary school to work, college and/or other adult life options
  • Connection to community partners
  • Encourage a well-balanced lifestyle
  • Portfolio showcase through MyBlueprint (transition to adulthood)

Program Structure

  1. In-School Instruction
    • Job readiness skill development
    • Choice electives 
  2. Community volunteer / customized employment placement
  3. Connections to post-graduate opportunities & supports

Learn more about Resources and Supports for building an inclusive workplace

District Career-Life Program contact: Chelsey Woods - Work Experience Facilitator - Inclusive Education

Learn more about this program by downloading the Career-Life Transitions Program Handbook.