Occupational & Physical Therapy Services

Occupational & Physical Therapy Services

Occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy (PT) services are provided jointly by the Chilliwack School District and Fraser Valley Child Development Centre.  Therapists may be included in a student's educational support team. We use a collaborative approach to plan appropriate interventions to support students. Services are usually provided in the school, but may also take place in the home or community as needed.

These services may include:

  • Screening and assessment;
  • Consultation with school staff and families;
  • Training of staff to carry out routines such as positioning, seating, feeding or motor activities for optimal maintenance of students in classroom settings during the school day;
  • Monitoring and ongoing evaluation of students in classroom settings;
  • Aligning services with community health agencies
  • Involvement with the IEP process

Occupational and Physical Therapists help children to function in their occupation or life roles such as school tasks, play and self-care activities.  The goal is to promote functional independence for each student within the school and community, and to enhance their educational goals.  Specific areas looked at include:

  • Sensory processing - sitting still, using play-doh
  • Fine motor development - holding pencils, scissors
  • Sensory-motor development - drawing, printing, cutting
  • Self-care skills - eating, dressing, toileting, hygiene
  • Equipment - seating, wheelchairs, commodes, walkers, standers
  • Access to technology - computers, word processors
  • Gross motor development - balance, coordination
  • Transfers/lifting
  • Mobility in the school environment
  • Positioning - floor sitting, chair adaptations
  • Orthoses/splits - monitoring fit and use
  • Inclusion in the class, school and community

Occupational and Physical Therapists will also collaborate with the primary classroom teachers to adapt the classroom setting to promote functional independence for all children in the class, when requested by the teacher.

Who We See

We primarily service students with developmental challenges such as spina bifida, cerebral palsy, autism, and genetic disorders.  We also see some students with fine motor, gross motor, coordination and sensory challenges on a limited basis.

Contact Procedures

Parents and caregivers are asked to discuss their concerns with the classroom teacher who can refer the child to the school-based team.  The school-based team, with written parental consent, refers the student to OT/PT through Student Services.  Primary teachers, who would like a classroom assessment, can contact the OT assigned to the school directly.

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