School Psychology Services

What is a School Psychologist?

School Psychologists help children and youth succeed academically, behaviourally, socially, and emotionally.

Through collaborative consultation School Psychologists use many different strategies to address individual student needs, improve classroom and school climates, and provide support systems for students, teachers and parents. They:

  • Assist in the gathering and analysis of information
  • Increase achievement by assessing barriers to learning and determining the best instructional strategies to improve learning
  • Provide in-service and training in the areas of educational assessment
  • Identify and address learning and behaviour problems that interfere with school success
  • Evaluate eligibility for special education services (within a multidisciplinary team)
  • Support students' social, emotional and behavioural health
  • Help coordinate community support services

Psycho-educational Assessments:

  • Serve as a diagnostic and planning tool for students identified through the Core School-Based Team.
  • Assist teachers and parents to better understand the nature of the child's needs, developmental factors and implications for educational, social emotional and career decisions.
  • Should be used for planning, goal setting, development of interventions and strategies and for evaluation and reporting purposes.

Growing Up Isn't Always Easy

All children and adolescents face problems from time to time.  They may:

  • Have fears about starting school
  • Fall behind in school work
  • Lack self-discipline
  • Not be aware of their aptitudes and abilities

School Psychologoists are there to help students, parents, educators and the community understand and solve these problems.  School Psychologists:

  • Understand how schools work and how children learn
  • Promote positive mental health and a safe and effective learning environment

How is a Student Referred to the School Psychologist?

A student is referred to the School Psychologist when, despite documented school based intervention, the student continues to experience difficulties.

Referrals for assessment are made through the Core School-Based Team, in consultation with the School Psychologist and must include parental involvement.