Youth Work in Trades


Get on-the-job training as a Youth Apprentice!


Is this the program for you?


Students currently employed with a qualified tradesperson are eligible for the Youth Work in Trades program.  Students earn up to 16 credits toward graduation.


The criteria includes:

  • Paid work
  • Working with a qualified tradesperson
  • Enrolled in school

With 900 hours worked and a C+ average in grade-12 courses, students also qualify for a $1000 cash award from the ITA and the Ministry of Education.


Eligibility: Students 14 years and older, who are working with a qualified tradesperson


Date: Begins when the student turns 14 years old


Application Due Date: Begins when the student turns 14 years old


Contact: Heather Elliott or Rice Causton


Click here to learn more about our elective Youth Work in Trades courses (YWIT 11A, 11B; YWIT 12A, 12B).


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