Scott Gregory

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My school uses Apple products exclusively, so I have a lot of experience with Mac computers, iPads and Apple TV. I enjoy developing projects that address learning outcomes across multiple subject areas in the grade 5 and 6 curriculum. Since a technology project can demand a significant time commitment, I found it important to have the projects that provide assessment in more than one subject area. I have an interest in projects that incorporate the following technology: PowerPoint presentations, Comic Life projects, iMovie (creating movies), brochures/flyers, podcasts (radio plays) blogs, photo/video editing and story writing by story boarding. Students really love using technology and I find it's a great way to cover some of those harder to get learning outcomes (in particular, social studies, career, health). Students also develop some great prerequisite technology skills that will be useful to them in middle and high school. I would really like to help other teachers plan and implement projects that make use of their technology and address the curriculum.